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How to Go About Choosing Packaging Tapes

You have to use high-quality tape for sealing your enclose to ensure that it’s safe for shipping. It is prudent to use a packaging tape that is branded for easy identification. There are quality packaging tapes that require you to apply only one layer and you are sure that your parcel is safe. Even though a variety of companies provide custom printed packaging tapes, they’re not all equal in the quality of tape they sell. This is the explanation of why you are supposed to be keen when purchasing custom printed packaging tapes. Are you not sure of what to do so as to be sure you acquire the best custom printed packaging tapes? Make sure you continue reading for more info.

Make sure you check the tape quality. To be assured that your item will reach its destination safely, you will require a superior tape. Tapes that are good in quality are trouble-free to unwind, have good sticking to the ridged surface, and deliver the sturdiness and strength that are essential in withstanding the distribution network.

The second factor of consideration is the method of application. You can apply packaging tapes in two ways, which are, manual and automated approaches. In a manual method, characteristics such as trouble-free loosen, good track for initial seize to the corrugated area, and strong film backing so as to avoid elongating and breaking are all important. Quiet tapes are as well a benefit for those working near others. For automated approaches, you should consider ease loosening to decrease tape breakage due to elongating and tearing during application. Also, if the environment you are in need of the spot palletization of cartons, it is good that you choose tapes that provide instantaneous hold.

Be keen on the substrate. Make sure you are attentive to what you’re sealing. There is a variety of carton types including corrugated to options such as waxed, printed, double wall, or recycled. Each of them brings a set of advantages to the distribution network but in regard to performance, they also have faults.

You need to look at the grade. Packaging tapes are on sale in a variety of grades, implying varying degrees of film and adhesive thickness. These grades avail plenty of varying tensile strength and holding power. Prior to settling got a packaging tape, make sure you consider the production as well as shipping environments, content weight, and carton size. You should increase the grape of your packaging tape as any of these elements increase. By paying attention to the points explained here, you’ll find it easy singling out great packaging tips.

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