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SWOT questions to ask yourself

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There are many SWOT analysis templates online. Find one that makes sense to you, and get ready to evaluate your internal strengths, acknowledge your weaknesses, and find what makes you excited about your work, job, or career as well as what keeps you awake at night.

To make a SWOT worth the effort, you need to set aside the time to really think about it, then sleep on it and revisit it. You won’t think of everything in one sitting, and that question or answer that entered your brain overnight might be the most relevant and revealing insight in the exercise. Understand that you will need to come back to this a few times over a week or two to truly capture complete answers.

Begin by identifying your strengths. These are the traits or skills that set you apart from others. Ask yourself these questions:

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What are you good at naturally?
What skills have you worked to develop?
What are your talents, or natural-born gifts?
The next step is weaknesses. This part examines the areas in which you need to improve and the things that will set you back in your career. These are some questions to consider:

What are your negative work habits and traits?
Does any part of your education or training need improvement?
What would other people see as your weaknesses?
For the opportunities section, look at the external factors you can take advantage of to pursue a promotion, find a new job or determine a career direction. These are some questions to ask yourself:

What is the state of the economy?
Is your industry growing?
Is there new technology in your industry?
Finally, look at any threats to your career growth. This part accounts for the external factors that could hurt your chances to attain your goals. Consider these questions:

Is your industry contracting or changing direction?
Is there strong competition for the types of jobs for which you are best suited?
What is the biggest external danger to your goals?

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