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The type of IVR system you choose depends primarily on call volume and the way you want to use IVR in your business. Here are just a few common uses for IVR that may inform the type of system you implement.

Customer service: Rapidly expanding businesses often find themselves without adequate customer service or support staff. Since IVR systems can be deployed quickly and scale easily, they can reduce wait times for customers. Plus they alleviate the need to hire employees to field questions and route calls. For general customer service needs, an inbound IVR system is usually sufficient, but if you foresee requiring outbound IVR in the future, choose an IVR company that offers comprehensive services.

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Payment processing and collections: Automating payment transactions and collections is a common use for IVR. In addition to outbound collections calls, IVR services make it possible for customers to call into companies, obtain their own billing information or account balances, and then make payments themselves. IVR systems that offer payment processing are typically more expensive than those that don’t, but for many companies, the cost is still lower than hiring individual customer service representatives to process payments.

Marketing and communication: Outbound IVR can be used for marketing purposes, such as alerting potential customers about a new sale or product, as well as for communicating with existing customers. For example, a dentistry office might use an outbound IVR system to make automated calls reminding customers of upcoming appointments, while a call center might use IVR to make sales pitches to potential clients. If marketing is the driving force behind your company adopting an IVR system, look for services that specialize in call-center IVR and predictive dialing.

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